Digital Data Recovery

Sometimes You Need More Than a Geek


Digital Forensic Examinations:

Whether a computer hard drive, cellular phone / other mobile device, or digital storage media such as camera card or thumbdrive, all examinations are conducted by certified examiners using the latest techniques with state of the art equipment.  Everything we do complies with current best practices in the handling, examination, and storage of electronic media.




Do you have concerns that your employees are violating your company usage policies?  There are better ways to determine this other than the method depicted on the right.  We are capable of conducting both live forensics over your network or of static forensic images of the individual workstations. 



Data Recovery:

Did you accidentally erase your family vacation photos or that important document that you just absolutely must have?  Don’t accept the answer most shops give, “Windows has to be re-installed”.  In most cases, nothing is further from the truth.  We can get your data back in almost every occasion. 

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